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Just announced there are some members starting to organise a ride from Bisbane down to the island for the 2016 World Superbikes! More details to follow.

World Superbikes 2011

Also know as the TGRAD (The Great Ride Across And Down) or the "Mad dogs and Englishman Tour"...

Introduction Updated 10th January 2011

After the successful meetup at WSBK Philip Island in February-March 2010 the members of the GPz900 UK Forum decided to host another get together in 2011!

This year we have a small group coming from the UK to experience the ride, they are starting in WA and heading across we some fellow enthusiasts. The ride details are pretty much final. We have a group keen to leave from WA, others from Nth Queensland, Brisbane and Sydney. Last year we had a mix of other bikes and all were welcome and keen to come back. Last year we had Rudi come out from Germany with his GPz900R and amazed everyone with its performance and engineering.

We are happy for friends and supports to travel with us so any enthusiasts are more than welcome, you dont have to be on a GPz900R to attend!.

We have a number of people indicating that they will come for the ride, but if you cannot make the full trip due to other commitments then feel free to join us mid route and travel along.

To assist in planning, input from people is being gathered now so that a plan can take shape. As I am based in Brisbane and proposed the initial meetup I started my planning based on my trip in 2008 to the GP and the success of the meetup held early this year. If you are coming from any other city then email me your proposed travel plans so I can post it here and maybe others will be able to use the info.

Leaving from Western Australia A small group have said they are DEFINATELY going this time and are riding from WA, over the Nullabour over a 5 day period to meet the rest of us at Bathurst on the evening of the 21st February.
  WA (Provisional Route):
  Day 1: February 16th Leave Bunbury -249klm- Walpole -119klm- Albany -418klm- Esperance Total Distance 848 klm
  Day 2 (17th): Esperance -203klm- Norseman -437klm- Cocklebiddy Total Distance 640 klm
  Day 3 (18th): Cocklebiddy (WA) -270klm- Eucla -494klm- Ceduna (SA)Total Distance 763 klm
  Day 4 (19th): Ceduna - Port Augusta (SA) Total Distance 468 klm
  Day 5 (20th): Port Augusta - Mildura Total Distance 547 klm
  Day 6 (21st): Mildura -688klm- Parkes -153klm- Bathurst Total Distance 841 klm
  Day 7 (22nd): Bathurst - Wagga WaggaTotal Distance 448 klm (Note: Bathurst - Initial meeting point with riders on the East Coast).
  Day 8 (23rd): Wagga Wagga - OrbostTotal Distance 622 klm
  Day 9 (24th): Orbost - Phillip Island Total Distance 403 klm
Leaving from North QLD A number of north queensland GPz owners have confirmed attendance and will meet us at the main Caltex servo in Kyogle on Sunday morning February 20th around 10am or so.
Leaving from Sydney A couple of people from Sydney have indicated that they will attend this year and some might catch up with us along the route. Please email us what you are planning so we might be able to let others know.
If you are joining us in Wagga Wagga then you need to leave Sydney on Tuesday 22nd and arrive Wagga Wagga that afternoon.
Total Distance 458klm
Leaving from Brisbane
Route now final!
Day 1 - Leave Sunday 20th 8am
Leave from The Gap, Brisbane, 4061 and head to Beenleigh to collect riders, then head to Rathdowny for a quick pit stop, then onto Kyogle (Fuel Stop and collect riders), then onto Grafton (Fuel Stop), last year we went via the Gilbralta Range (stopping in the middle for a break) then onto Glenn Innes for a Fuel Stop), this time we will head to Dorrigo, stopping for fuel and a late lunch at the motorcycle cafe before the final leg to Armidale via the "Waterfall Way", Staying at the "St Kilda Hotel" for the night. Bookings have been made but can be increased if we call ahead in time.

Total Distance 560klm Google Map - Brisbane to Armidale
Day 2 - Leave Monday 21th 8am
Leave from Armidale, turn off the highway at Uralla and via "Thunderbolts way" to Gloucester, head towards Stroud and follow the signs to Singleton, then over the Putty Road, this time lets try to remember to stop at Colo Heights for fuel and coffee, perhaps lunch then to Lithgow, ending at Bathurst and overnight at "Jack Duggans Irish" Pub. This spot was very popular last year and we will do it again. Accomodation Booked
Total Distance 671 klm Google Route map

Midway on the Putty Road, first straight after the twisties.
Day 3 - Leave Tuesday 22nd 8am
Leave bathurst and head to Oberon stop for fuel and a coffee, then onto Taralga and turn off at Crookwell, Boorowa, Harden, left at Wallendbeen, and onto the Olympic Highway and a bumpy ride down to Wagga Wagga. Big Dave will meet us enroute and we stay at Big Dave & Dimmi's House. Its a nice short ride so we can arrive at Wagga Wagga with plenty of time to socialize with some beers and pizza (we are all chipping in again).
Total Distance 471klm Route from last year

Middle of know where (between Oberon and Taralga)!
Day 4 - Leave Wednesday 23rd 8am
Leave Wagga Wagga and ultimaletly stopping at Either Bairnsdale or Orbost for the night. The exact route is not yet final but we will head to the Snowy Mountains! Last year our route took us to Tumbarumba, Tintaldra, Mt beauty, Bright, Omeo, then Bairsndale for the night. The most likely candidate route may be Alternate Route from last year
Total Distance will most likely be around 600klm

Top of Mt Hotham, The road ranks as one of the best motorcycling roads.
  Final Day - Leave Thursday 24th 8am
Leave Orbost and head to Phillip Island via Sale, Yarram, Leongatha, wonthaggi, San Remo and finally arriving at the track side camp grounds.
Total Distance 304klm We camp at the top above the cart track next to the officials camp ground which has a great view.
Leaving the Island

On the Monday most people packup and leave, last year Big Dave offered to take a group back to Wagga Wagga via Healsville and over the mountains. It was an excellent day to ride despite me breaking a clutch lever at Black Spur before stopping at Bonnie Doon to fix it! Some members are heading back to WA, other are interested in heading to broadford for a track day.

Other than those two route, no other set route has been planned back to your home town so you are on your own. I will be heading back over the same route as last year with my partner and taking a leisurly trip back to brisvegas.

See you in 2011!


  • You will need to prebook and pay for your Trackside Campground Pass and 3 Day Entry Pass.
  • Get it before December and get a bonus Pit entry on Friday :)
  • Gates open Thursday morning to the trackside camp gounds, we camp above the cutting at the top of the Cart Track near the green sheds.
  • Tickets - Visit the Phillip Island Web Site.
  • Study the routes proposed above - if you would like to join in, email a contact (list below) and we will try to work out a time to stop and collect people.
  • Ensure your bike is mechanically sound, make sure you have plenty of tread for the trip down and back.
  • Everything on this page is subject to change. Please check it every two weeks for updates.
  • There is usually a Facebook page with other riders who are heading down to WSBK11 http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=294854915739 for a starting point.
  • As the time approaches, a rider handbook will go out to all confirmed people and accomodation numbers can be sorted and booked.

What to pack????

Group Notes:

Last years event showed that we needed to co-ordinate cooking and food so we didn't make seperate trips to get supplies all the time. This year we will try to organize a small portable kitchen facility and a fee for all members in the group that will be used to buy groceries, ice and fire wood at Cowes. It should enable us to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner.
To make it fair for everyone, everyone needs to help cover the basic cooking and food prep which was not a problem last year as everyone was willing to help.


Contact Email
(read it out loud ;):
sid DOT young AT gmail DOT com
  info AT gpz900r DOT org DOT au

Trackside camp ground - February 2010